Recycled Products

Recycled grinding material that has been crushed and screened. It grades very easily.

Loam/Compost Products

Largest stone size is ½”. Suitable for lawns, plantings, gardens and flower beds.

Washed Red Crushed Stone Products

Naturally occurred red stone that is quarried crushed and washed

Washed Light Grey Crushed Granite

Stone is uniform in color. Suitable for driveways, walkways, mixing concrete and landscaping.

Washed Natural Round Stone

Sometimes referred to as river bottom stone. It is multi-colored. Suitable for under playgrounds..

Washed Crushed Gravel Stone

Multi colored crushed stone. Suitable for under concrete slabs and permeable pavers.

Sand Products

Very fine grained sand, no stone. Suitable for under swimming pool liners, bottom of animal stalls..

Crushed Base Products

Sand and stone mix, largest stone is 3″, compacts very good. Suitable for roads and driveways..

Clay Materials

Mixture of sand, silt and clay with no stone, suitable for ball field infields, beige color.

Bank Run Materials

Sand and stone mixture up to 6” stone with some silt that packs well, suitable for driveway and roadway base and for filling inside of foundations.